Final version of "Clock setup" window mockup

This is the final version and I think it contains all the elements required to set the frequencies of the STM32L1 clocks regarding to the Nucleo board hardware. I’ll work hard to make it functional, but it will depend on my health and time.

But now something is obvious: if I want to keep the resolution compatible with a modern laptop LCD screen (and I want to keep it), then there is no space for all the features a clock window setup has for an STM32F4 microcontroller – a micro that I want to target in the future for the same Nucleo 64pin board format.

Update July 1, 2019: It seems that the final version wasn’t quite final… below is the most recent one, but that means even more work regarding the generated code and error solver…

UPDATE July 7, 2019: the clock configuration window is now 100% functional. Next, to work on the generation of the code according with the settings made in the clock configuration window and to modify the new/load/save project file (as we have new data to save) procedures accordingly. Soon…

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