VPC mock-up – Morpho and Arduino connectors

As I said, I started working to the new changes: in the image below you have the new pin configurator for Morpho and Arduino connectors. If you liked the previous more, is time to fork the project.Cons:- the pin labels won't be permanently visible, you have to hover with the mouse pointer over the pin, … Continue reading VPC mock-up – Morpho and Arduino connectors

VPC – secured the "Generate Code" button

Because is destructive, I had to add a layer of confirmation. No more unwanted accidents.What else? Cleaned up the UI and a little bit of code. The lqfp64 functionality is planned for 2.x.x version. Then, once is done, the "Nucleo Pinout config" window will be redesigned to use the logic from the lqfp64 window - … Continue reading VPC – secured the "Generate Code" button

FreeBSD – bad news, good news

Bad news1. gcc-arm toolchain: turns out my manually (and unscientifically) prepared toolchain based on an old FreeBSD package produces bad (non-working) code. I will destroy the download link from a previous article and post accurate info.2. VSCode extensions: the "Arduino" and "Project Manager" extensions are not working under FreeBSD. The whole idea of using the … Continue reading FreeBSD – bad news, good news