Resizing the windows

The VPC was designed in a 1920x1080 pixel resolution on a big screen as my eyesight is poor. This makes the application unusable on lower resolutions so I started resizing the windows and my target is 1366x768 pixels.An initial resizing was done on the big screen and pushed to the repository. Further adjustment will be … Continue reading Resizing the windows

Adafruit 0.96″ 160×80 Color TFT Display

My first graphical TFT display just arrived and I tested it with the Adafruit Arduino libraries on the Nucleo board. After playing with their demos, I wrote a display mockup for my planned Film SLR camera that will use Canon EOS fullframe lenses. /************************************************************************** This is a library for several Adafruit displays based on ST77* … Continue reading Adafruit 0.96″ 160×80 Color TFT Display