The pads are sensitive

The pads of LQFP64 package will show the actual status by changing their own colors. Is not much right now, but combined with all the program has to offer, is infinitely better than what CubeMX for STM8 microcontrollers offers. The following image shows the pin setup of the l152_single_ds18b20 project, where 6 pins are set … Continue reading The pads are sensitive

What I am working these days…

When you prototype with the Nucleo board, it is nice to have the morpho connector configuration window, but not quite useful when you design your own board using the STM32L152RE microcontroller. So I had to add the LQFP64 "capsule" configuration window...Which it has its own dedicated button in the main window.But it will take awhile … Continue reading What I am working these days…


Oops again! When creating or opening a project, re-editing the project settings, the "floating point" and "printf enabling floating point" checkboxes have no effect - forgot to process them. Now solved and committed.

Be aware

There are two errors in the xml file (the saved project), I fixed them, but can't commit because I'm working at the save open procedure and right now the code is a mess. It won't affect you anyway, because you can't use the saved project until a way to load it exist.