NVIC priority sorted out.

Is done for the functionality I intend to have for version 1 of VPC (TIM6 and 7, USART2, UART4 and 5, I2C1 and 2, SPI1, 2 and 3, and all GPIO EXTI). It generates code for NVIC priority and sub-priority (with value validation regarding the Priority Group selected) inside the initialization functions of the peripheral … Continue reading NVIC priority sorted out.

NVIC Priority

Update: Changed my mind, I'll give the user full control as there is now a function that validate the values of the priorities and sub-priorities regarding the priority group selected.Hint: Project Settings window has settings for Priority Groups and for the priorities of the pins set as EXTI. Priorities for the "system interrupts" (as SysTick_IRQn … Continue reading NVIC Priority