What I am working on when time permits…

  • USART1 full functionality (if possible);
  • USB (partial) initialization;
  • All other timers with their channels from TIM2 to TIM11.

As third party add-on:

  • FAT32 SD card (limited) functionality – at least, it will work for a data logger.

Right now, still on research phase and also looking for usage examples from Internet.

And only then I can declare this a complete project and ready to move on to the next big one. If God Almighty allows that. I tried many times to stop at certain moments in time from various reasons, but it still heavily feels like an unfinished project so I will finish what I planned.

Anyway, this was never intended as a full featured, CubeMX clone. Someone on ST Community mocked me saying something like this: “If you don’t like the license of the visually generated code, then stop using CubeMX.”. I bet he was aware of the addiction CubeMX creates to both beginners and professionals. Thanks God, not my case any more. I will always fight to learn and create my own ways of doing things. You all should do that if you value your freedom.

If you want, this was my successful BREXIT (VAEXIT – Vasile Exit). Now I can wave my flag as much as I want.

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