Alea iacta est

I’ve decided, Low Layer Driver it is. So, I am in the middle of porting my libraries to LL. Just finished checking the LCD4 library, and decided to make a code size comparison between the APIs (HAL and LL).

The application is a “Hello World” type, testing the functionality of the library, with the main function looking like in the following screen capture:

The resulted code size:
8016 (text) + 1088 (data)

The equivalent written using LL driver looks like this:

The resulted code size:
2852 (text) + 12 (data).

Quite a dramatic improvement, right? I’m using the CubeMX to generate code for a Makefile project but this functionality is broken right now, so I recommend to wait ’till ST solves the problem.  Or proceed if you know how to fix it.

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